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Den aktuellen Grundpreis und unsere Preisliste können Sie hier anfordern. Die meisten Optionspreise haben wir unten bei den Spezifikationen der Optionen aufgeführt. Diese passen mit der Grundpreisliste ab Version 2013 2.2 zusammen. Bei älteren Grund-Preislisten war mehr im Standard enthalten. Dafür ist jetzt der Grundpreis niedriger.

Die Werft bietet sehr hochwertige ausgefeilte Lösungen insbesondere im Bereich Elektronik/Autopiloten an. Das ist aber kein Muß - lassen Sie sich also von den Kosten nicht schrecken. Es geht auch erstmal einfach und günstig z.B. mit einem Pinnenpiloten - upgraden kann man immer noch, wenn man weiß, was man wirklich braucht. Das gilt auch für die Segel. Da muss es nicht gleich auch der große Gennaker und ein Code0 sein...


Die Anfang 2013 sehr hoch geschnellte Lieferzeit hat sich sehr entspannt, da mittlerweile ein zweiter GFK-Produzent verpflichtet werden konnte. Lieferung zur Saison 2014 ist noch möglich (Stand der Info: Oktober 2013).


ACHTUNG FEHLERTEUFEL: Die Preisangaben in dem Test der "Yacht" (Oktober 2012) stimmen überhaupt nicht. Offenbar sind Brutto und Netto durcheinandergekommen. Für den dort genannten Preis könnte man kein Boot in Vinylester-Vakuuminfusion-Sandwich mit Carbonrigg und hydraulischem Stahl-Blei-Schwenkkiel und bestem Decksequipment bauen...


Hier die Serienspezifikation der SeaScape 27 - in Englisch. Bitte fragen Sie uns ggf. nach Übersetzung:

LOA: 799mm, LWL: 795mm, Beam: 254mm, Draft: 195mm/95cm – hydraulic operated

Displacement: 1250kg empty, Ballast: 600kg (430kg in the lead bulb)

Main sail: 28m2 / 3 reefs, Jib: 21m2, Staysail: 14m2

Masthed gennaker: 80m2, Fractional gennaker: 60m2, Reacher/Code0: 40m2

Engine: Outboard 4-6 or 8-10HP or outboard electric like Torqueedo.

CE category B6/C8, Nautical designer: Samuel Manuard, Industrial design: Gigodesign



• Hull and deck constructed with Vacuum Infusion of Foam and Soric GRP sandwich with unidirectional and biaxial laminates and vynilester resin.

• Chain plates bolted to structural bulkhead and hull.

• Carbon fiber beams laminated to keel box and glued to the deck to support mast compression and Hydraulic ram that operates the keel.

• Hull is reinforced with Infused GRP stringers and bulkheads.

• Deck with high traction nonskid molded.

• 2 transom hung rudders built of GRP foam sandwich

• Bolts, screws and fittings are all made of marine grade stainless steel.

• Hull and deck are molded in single tone off white.

• Crash box on the bow and on the stern provide extra safety in case of collisions



• Swing keel built in lead, steel, epoxy GRP composite.

• Hydraulic ram built in the Carbon fiber mast support operated with manual hydraulic pump under the right bench in the main cabin.



• 60cm stainless steel pulpit, pushpit and 3 stanchions with double lifelines.

• Stainless steel bow and stern mooring cleats

• Stainless steel chain plates for shrouds, and forestay

• Opening hatch of 580 mm x 58 0 mm for access to the wet room

• Opening hatch of 255mm x 255mm for forward cabin ventilation

• Mainsheet traveler with control line cleats.

• 2x Andersen ST12 Halyard winches and 2x Andersen ST18 primary winches

• 9 Spinlock clutches for halyards and control lines

• Ronstan blocks and cleats for the Main sail, jib, staysail and gennaker control lines

• Laminated wood tiller varnished with tiller extension.

• Bilge pump operated from cockpit.

• 1 laminated glass windows on the each side of the hull

• Composite staysail attachment point

• Bow anchor locker

• System for managing the outboard engine consisting of foldable bracket, cockpit compartment, 2 top and one bottom cover.

• Stern storage compartment cover.



• Compotech racing mast and boom with two sets of swept back spreaders built in carbon fiber with local reinforcements

• Custom mast foot that allows setting of the mast without the use of a crane.

• “Chimney” system for leading mast cables in the boat.

• Continuous 1x19 standing rigg ing with bottle screw adjusters.

• Reefs and outhaul with 1:8 purchase led inside boom

• Retractable carbon bowsprit controlled from cockpit

• One mainsheet with mainsheet tackle of ball bearing low friction blocks.

• 1:8 boom vang.

• Two jib sheets.

• One 1:2 Spectra main halyard.

• One Spectra jib halyard.

• One 1:2 Spectra staysail halyard

• One masthead spinnaker halyard

• One Spectra fractional spinnaker halyard

• Two reef lines.

• One bowsprit control line.

• One spinnaker tack line

• Two spinnaker sheets.

• One 1:8 cunningham control line

• 2 sets of Spectra jib sheet barber control lines

• 2 sets of fixed inhaulers for the jib sheet.

• Spectra control lines for the mainsheet traveler



• Bulkheads and furniture lightly covered with filler and mat paint with white gelcoat on the molded parts for light, clean and low maintenance finish.

• Forward Cabin:

o Double vberth with insubmersibility volume underneath

o Attachment points for storage bags on each side.

o Illuminated and ventilated trough 255x255mm offshore hatch

• The “wet room” :

o Base for chemical or flush toilette

o Light and ventilation from 580 mm x 580mm opening hatch in foredeck

o EVA foam floorboard.

• The main cabin

o Large companionway hatch

o Aluminum/foam seatbacks with removable kitchen/sink attachment.

o Keel box cover with table/navigation box attachment.

o Electric boxes under the coachroof and under the companionway.

o 40l icebox with possibility of attaching the compressor.

o 4m long berths/benches with storage place under the first 2m and insubmersibility volume under aft 2m.

o 2m wooden covers for the storage area under the berth.

o Attachment points for 2 large bags and 1 small bag on each side.

o Room for water tank or other systems behind the companionway stairs with cover.

o 2 ergonomically shaped companionway steps with small storage under the top one

o 2 part plexiglas companionway washboard and horizontal sliding hatch.

o EVA foam floorboards.


• Tensiometer with recommended tensions noted on the coachroof.

• Keys for assembly.


NOTICE: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice or obligation. Seascapes 27s will be constructed with specifications in effect at time of construction. Seascape reserves the right to periodically upgrade these specifications through additions, deletions and substitutions. February 2013



Spezifikation einiger Optionen. Siehe auch Deutsche Preisliste.



·         4 bed mats for front and main cabin.

·         Wooden foldable table

·         4 custom crew bags that fit attachment points in the boat.

·         2 custom soft shelf above the side windows.

·         2 foldable magnetic doors for the wet room.

·         2 round camping stove/bucket holders.

·         Kitchen adapter for the round holder.

·         Foldable sail compartment panel in the wet room with equipment.



·         Main sail bolt rope – Vektor glass – 27m2

·         Jib – Vektor glass with hanks – 21.5m2

·         Staysail – Wowen spectra, triradial, furling – 14m2

·         Gennaker masthead - Nylon 0.75 – 80m2

·         Gennaker fractional – Nylon 0.75 – 65m2

·         Reacher / CodeO fractional – Nylon 0.75 – 40m2


·         comparable standard to One sails, but closer sevice

NORTH SAILS PACKAGE (radial Dacron) - 5 sails (excl. code0)

·         Mainsail – bolt rope – Polyester radian – triradial – 25m2

·         Jib – hanks – Polyester radian – triradial – 20m2

·         Staysail – furler – Polyester radian – triradial – 12.5m2

·         Masthead gennaker – Superkote SK60 – 72m2

·         Fractional gennaker – Superkote SK90 – 57m2

·         Fractional Code0 – Polyester laminate – 35m2


12V-electricity package

·         12V 70AH AGM battery

·         Remote master battery switch

·         Two main cabin LED light tapes.

·         One wet room and two front cabin battery led lights.

·         Masthead LED navigation and anchor light

·         2x 12v plugs in the top main cabin electric box

·         Custom Electrical control panel with 5 circuit breakers and LCD battery control display.

·         Electric and data wiring for most of the possible later electronic options.



·         25W solar panel.

·         Regulator.



·         220V charger

·         external shore plug

·         shore plug cable + adapter

·         220 internal plug



·         2 waterproof speakers in the cockpit.

·         FM radio with Bluetooth connection and USB slot.



·         Danfoss compressor/evaporator.


Electronics - easy solutions:


Tacktick T037 installed

·         Speed over water, depth. Decent installation


Tablet (I-pad) holder

·         good start to find out what you really need


More sophisticated electronic alternatives / upgrades:



·         Wind, speed over water, depth sensors B&G Triton.

·         Multifunction display B&G Triton.

·         External GPS antenna.

·         Custom mast instrument bracket



·         SD10 Electric drive with rudder angle sensor and clutch.

·         AC12 Autopilot computer with OP10 control.

·         RC42N rate compass.

·         WR20 remote control.

·         Supporting arm and mounting bracket for inside mount.



·         Simrad RS12 VHF.

·         Antenna with windex.


GPS Plotter pack B&G

·         Zeus 7 Touch plotter.

·         GO FREE wireless module.

·         Custom foldable companionway bracket.



·         Wind, speed over water, depth sensors Raymarine.

·         Multifunction display i70.

·         External GPS antenna.

·         Custom mast instrument bracket.



·         SPX10 smartpilot.

·         P70 display.

·         Linear drive 1 electric ram.

·         Rudder reference.

·         S100AP remote control.

·         Fluxgate compass.


VHF Raymarine

·         Ray 49E VHF.

·         Antenna with windex.


GPS Plotter pack Raymarine

·         Raymarine E7 with EU charts.

·         Custom foldable companionway bracket.


NOTICE: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice or obligation. Seascapes 27s options will be following the specifications in effect at time of assembly. Seascape reserves the right to periodically upgrade these specifications through additions, deletions and substitutions February 2013




















































































































































































































































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